SOULcast #181-About praying


Calist the Patriarch

Heads about prayer

1. If you want to know the truth, follow the singer’s example on the guitar: he bows his head and, touching his hearing to the balance, moves up to his hand. Then, as soon as the strings hit each other, the guitar pulls out the scales, and the singer jumps to the sweetness of the scales.

2. May you, lover of toil and worker of the vineyard, be a clear example and not doubt. For remembering, like a singer on a guitar, in the depths of your heart, you will easily see what you are looking for, because the soul kidnapped by love at its peak can no longer return to the past, as if it had stuck my soul followeth thee, saith the Prophet.

3. Understand, darling, through the guitar heart; through the strings the feelings, through the mind, which moves with perfect skill the feeling through the remembrance of God. From this movement an unspeakable pleasure arises in the soul, and the pure mind makes the divine rays appear. The feelings of the heart, not the bodily ones. This resemblance of Jesus’ prayer to the hymn is noteworthy. Prayer is a song and therefore produces a joy, because it is not only the repetition of the name of Jesus, but an endless immersion in the whole world of meanings, love and sweetness, contained in Him. it is a movement in this world of harmonies and that is why it is always new. The heart vibrates with this harmony and the mind tastes its nuances.

4. If we do not close the senses of the body, it will not spring in us the leaping water that the Lord of Samaritan promised. As if asking for that holy water, he found inside it the leaping water of life (John 4:14). Because, just as the earth has water by nature and at the same time it flows through it, so the earth of the heart has by nature this springing and springing water. She is like the parental light, which Adam lost through disobedience. Here, the inner joy, united with light, is symbolized by a jumping water, so alive, unsteady, always new. It is so united with light that it is called light itself. For this inner life is an opening to the supreme meaning of existence. In itself it is the supreme meaning of existence. It springs from the heart not only because it is united with the mind, or with the understanding, but because the pure heart is open to meaning, it is open to meaning and to the endless divine life. The heart became by its pure purity; just as she is sincerely open to people, she is also open to God, the supreme loving Person. For this, however, it is necessary that man should not be attached by the senses to things outside, too caught up in the pleasures and bodily interests which he wishes to satisfy through them. The closed eye to the outside, opens to the endless, which come in waves within the scope of understanding.

5. As water springs from an inexhaustible spring, so does living and springing water from the soul. This being inhabited and in Ignatius’ soul, made him say: “It is not in me a fire that loves matter, but working and speaking water.”

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