SOULcast #141-About wisdom


“-Where is God?

-There where He is left to enter…” Nicolae Steinhardt



“Doubt is the beginning of wisdom.”

Priest Dumitru Staniloae

“The reasons for things are a coherent speech of God to the human subject.”
#METANOIA(change of mind)

Mother Gavrila Papaiannis

“Love and prayer can shake the world!”

On this day, the teaching of repentance

Do not despair man, nor do you turn away from prayers, but go to church. Being a sinner, pray with a sigh to God and He will give you His love for people and forgiveness of your sins. But, if you despair, not wanting to come to repentance, then you give yourself over to Satan. Or, if, bending over, you do not go to repentance, you are hindering the divine gift, which wants to have mercy on you and all those who come to Him with repentance. Now, but, choose, what is better: If sin is good, guard it and spend in it, to the end, and if you realize the condemnation for sin, then why spend in the losing deeds ? Because it is written, “In the state in which you find yourself, in those I will judge you.”

Saint Amphilochius Makris of Patmos

“Prayer must be accompanied by love. A prayer without love is like a bird without wings: it seems beautiful to it, but it has no wings and cannot fly.”

Geron Iosif Isihastis

“Until man realizes that he/she is nothing, he/she does not begin his/her relationship with God.”

Paisios of Mount Athos

“Blessed are those who do not preach the gospel in words, but live it and preach it through their silence, by the grace of God, which gives them away.”

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