SOULcast #140-Not to be deceived by joyful things in life


On this day, the Word of Our Reverend Father Ephrem the Syrian, so that we do not marvel at the temporary, nor deceive ourselves with the joyful things of life and the word in Psalm 72.

Because our minds are easily slippery and easily descend to the joyful things of life, forgetting the goodness they want to be, that is why it is up to us not to neglect to guard against the temptation of the senses. As the hater of good, the devil, tempting us, mixes things up, so that the mind, the helmsman, cannot distinguish between the good and the bad. So, when vain thoughts have gathered upon us, before we reach their darkness, let us run to the spiritual teaching, singing with the Prophet Psalm 72, whose teaching suits us. That, says the Prophet, in this Psalm, the inadequacy of life, the temptations and those who are hunted, through temptations and those who overcome temptations, through patience, but also the rewards of each are revealed there. For this, he is also the destroyer of pride and vain glory, directing to the true glory those who want to be saved. So, not only to know his sayings, but also to ascend our minds to the words within him, in order to make us worthy to be fulfilled with the deed and the power and understanding of what is shown.

As the Prophet says, “How good is God to Israel, to those who are upright in heart? And to me it was a little while, and my feet did not slip, and my steps did not stumble. lawless when I saw the peace of sinners, that they have no trouble until their death, and they are strong when they strike, they have no part in human toil and are not flogged with men, for whom pride reigns and they dress in injustice and the thoughts of their heart are revealed. They think and speak cunningly, they speak iniquity from on high. (Ps. 72, 1-9).

But what does it mean: “injustice speaks from above” and “up to heaven lift their mouths?”

What the psalmist means, in this way, is that sinners, committing evil deeds and not taking the punishment due to their iniquities, come to consider that there is no God, without a mind, pretending to be, that it is shown: ” – to the fool in his heart: There is no God “(Ps. 13: 1), injustice from above growling, their mouth to heaven rising and with their tongue blowing the earth.

“For this my people go after them, and find that they are full of good days, and say, How doth this God know? Has the Most High known? Behold, they are sinners, and they are rich. They are rich forever. And I said “So in the desert I was upright in heart, and I washed my hands in innocence, that I was struck all day and rebuked every morning. If I had spoken thus, I would have broken the covenant of your sons. And I was troubled to understand this, but it is difficult before me. Until I entered the holy place of God and understood the end of the wicked! ” And, now, the end of those who forget God. As he says, “Truly thou hast put them in a deceitful way, and hast cast them down as they go up. How hastily thou hast ravaged them! They are extinguished, they perish because of their iniquity. Like a dream to him that awakens, O Lord, in Thy city thou hast made their face of nothingness. ”

But what is this city? It is “the Jerusalem above” (Gal. 4:26). And he goes on to say, “Therefore my heart was glad, and my bowels were troubled. I was as a fool, and I knew not; I was as a beast before thee. But I am with thee always. Take me.” with your right hand you have guided me with your counsel, and you have received me with glory. “

But what does he mean when he says, “And thou hast instructed me with thy counsel” What he says, I think so: After I have got rid of the will of my body and have ordained myself to receive and keep the commandments Yours, then with Your counsel you commanded me. That I did not stay nor did I strengthen myself according to my will. Therefore, as a good Father who has a beloved son, you took me by the hand of my right hand and with Your counsel you guided me, for which you also received me with glory.

“Whom have I in heaven but you? And what have I to do with you besides the earth? My heart and my body are gone out, the God of my heart and my part, O God, forever.” But looking for what? The parties above. Like, “As the deer longs for the springs of water, so my soul desires you, O God. My soul thirsts for the living God; when I come and show myself to the face of God.” (Ps. 41, 1-2). My part You are, God, forever.

Deepen your mind in receiving what has been said, as the frightful teaching says, now, at last, saying: And it is good for me to cleave unto God, to put my trust in the Lord, that I may proclaim all thy praises in the gates of the daughter of Shiloh. ”

Having, therefore, beloved, strength from the divine Scriptures and a beaten and upright way, which leads us to the heavenly gates, let us not weaken in the hope gathered to us in heaven, that the Lord comes, as it is written, Who “has a shovel in his hand and He will cleanse His area and gather the wheat into the threshing floor, and the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire. ” (Matthew 3:12). He truly deserves glory forever! Amen.

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