SOULcast #139-About repentance


On this day, word of repentance

Return, with all your heart, with sighs and tears. Patiently humble yourself and have mercy on the poor and needy and forgive the mistakes of your neighbor. Because now, says our Lord, turn to Me with all your heart with fasting and mourning and lamentation. Break your hearts, and not your garments, return to the Lord your God, for he is merciful and gracious, long-suffering and very merciful. Because he who has mercy, he says, will have mercy and then, forgive and he will forgive you. Man’s mercy as a seal is on the dance and but good is to those who make it before the Most High. And so the sins are erased. If you have the repentance of the Ninevites, you have David, who, through repentance, cleansed his sins and showed the power of repentance so much that, through it and the gift of prophecy again, he became worthy of God the Father. You have Peter, whom a maid asked about the Teacher and renounced Him with a curse, pretending not to know the Dance, and with a false oath she swore. However, he so cleansed the filth of renunciation that he became a forerunner and did not fall from the condition of the crowd of Apostles and was called the foundation of the Church and the celestial Emperor, the God of Truth Himself. You have the customs officer and the lost son, you have the prostitute and the thief, who, in an hour, through the voice with good understanding, were forgiven of sins and in the homeland of Heaven citizens became. Dare by repentance, strip your filth, do not be afraid, for after that the Lord will make you. And when you repent and sigh, then you will be saved. How great is the mercy of Christ God and cleansing is to those who return to the Dance, with repentance, because only then will the mercy of the Lord, like the rain on the field, descend into our souls and the war of the enemy against us will be ruined, in Christ Jesus Our Lord.

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