SOULcast #136-Keep the faith


“No misfortune means anything. Nothing is lost, if faith remains standing, if the head rises again and the soul does not abdicate. I repeat this several times. Do not lose yourself! When you see that you have done nothing you are not in a good position, you are not lost, you are already in a good position, only you have had great desires, above your own strength, which they are all born in us, you wanted to do more, but no! You need to clean more your inside! Shut up, don’t judge anyone. If you haven’t speak bad to anyone, you did the most that day! But, you must fight! ”

Father Arsenie Papacioc

“The devil is our mortal enemy, and a war has broken out. We do not strive for our salvation as much as it strives for our loss.”

Saint John Chrysostom

“A life without prayer lacks the dimension of eternity!”


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