I LIVE in this/for that ENERGY #226-SEEK ABOVE


I believe in the Lord and I confess that You are truly the Son of God, the Living One, who came into the world to save the sinners, of whom I am the first.

“Participation in the Holy Liturgy is more necessary than light and air.”

Priest Arsenie Papacioc

Everafter sky is the target. It’s a fine day. I FEEL YOU, GOD. I am lovesick.

All we need is another chance to get In And Out Of Love. CONCENTRATE on AIR and CHANGE THE WORLD.

I will love u more. The hardest part is receiving the saving light. Try the rainbow and dream in color. In case of bad dreams there is no happiness happening. Let’s love tonight because music means love forever. Level up because in the dark you shine. For all time turn the world into a dancefloor. Mr. Navigator, please, no blah, blah, blah because we could get in trouble (so what)

There was a man named Abba Pamvo, and it is said that he spent three years praying to God and saying, “Do not glorify me, Lord, on earth!” And God glorified him so much that no one could look before him at the glory he had. It was said of Abba Pamvo that just as Moses took the icon of Adam’s glory when his face was glorified, so was his face, Abba Pamvo, as lightning flashed and was like a king sitting on the throne. Abba Siluan and Abba Sisoe were of the same work.



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