I LIVE in this/for that ENERGY 206-Grow in love

Saint Maximus the Confessor

“God’s mercy is hidden in our mercy toward our neighbour.”

Saint Maximus the Confessor

“If you can’t love your enemy, at least you can’t hate your friend.

Saint John Chrysostom

Ali, LET GO of imagined beautiful HEAVENSHOULD I WAIT to feel it? I LOVE YOU, now.

Bang, the message (our hymn of hope): always be my friend. I am, here for YOU (God) – my trigger -, waiting for the sun.

STFU! When I leave , I can’t change the world because it will be the missing part of me. That breeze, on my salty skin is pure magic

Dance (#TRANCEinASOTL) , be my hero and set me to light. Are you with me?

“People who tell the truth at first look like shy people, but later become the strongest.”

Archimandrite Paulin Lecca


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