I LIVE in this/for that ENERGY 185-A global year-state in the mix


I saw good in this space journey…Even if, it seems, I’m drowning in this elise, my heart-beat is still alive. I do not seek duality. My life is beyond the comfort zone.

This is not ONE goodbye…(“God is 1, the rest is 0.” Gottfried Wilhelm Liebniz)

(I am) STILL ALIVE…(Going) in and out of lovenever going down (when I unite with GOD)

Daring to love makes me get out of the blue. I will be waiting on the other side of reality.

Everything that I do is all for love. This is all I want. When I downfall, the sound of letting go rescues me.

Show me love. I love you, not another you until oblivion. I need you to know that I need you now

I believe (first in God).

The time machine illusion, from a blue Monday, is not gold. One last time: we are only a heartbeat away from the skyline, through the telescope.

When you feel hypnotized by Morpheus or by lion/leonie listen to the voice of our journey and get wanderlust.

Do everything everything , mo chara , till we meet againin reverie. When everything seems hollow seek castles in the sky.

This I vow: when stars collide you’ll be ok because somebody loves you.

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