I LIVE in this/for that ENERGY 183-Seek trinity


You asked for it: here we/you are playing with fire in a massive state-of-love. The aura of infinity is calling for miracles (but we know that “God is 1, the rest is 0.”, in a loving path).

Right now, we are happy where we are.

I’ve been waiting for youIt’s your choice: choose paradise or not (but remember paradise is not here on Earth).

I need you now (GOD)…

Say hello…this is my happy place. A destination!? We are eternally coming on strong

What are we waiting for? Do we really come back home?

The time machine, we are living in ,now, means life half lived.

We need anything like You (God)…Everyone loves a triplet (e.g. TRINITY).

Be like a moonwalker. In any rush find the light in YOU (GOD).

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